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Recently we recovered the Precognition against Henry Johnstone Rankine and family from the Scottish archives. It was a massive undertaking as I went there in 2006 and was refused as the doc was to big in their opinion but Dad was lucky last year to secure the document. It is 450 pages long and at the time cost us 250 pounds which is well over $550 AUD. Plus all the associated costs of getting there staying over night etc.

What we would like to do is, for you to obtain your copy send us a donation towards our work and we will post you a CD with the document scanned onto it.

Sponsorship or Donations greatly appreciated. If you would like to donate, wonderful !

If you would like to sponsor this site and want your business logo and/or something representing yourself or your family please let me know and I will forward bank deposit details or you can send a cheque to P.O.BOX 157, Noosa Heads Qld 4567, Australia.


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