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Rankins Lane

great, great, great grandfather

cabinet maker, sometimes undertaker

free man true our stories told

passed from one to next

Melbourne 1835, a swampy, muddy mess

first settler, businessman, citizen upstanding

Rankins Lane your name

framed in Melbourne’s new elite

centuries on the truth be told

convict chains shackled you

brought you to this country

first stop was Sydney town

ticket of leave brought you down

land sale some incentive

set up shop, serve the brood

ever more expanding

water levels flood the store

Elizabeth street a running creek

up hill you go, safe ground is made

not safe enough from this unfolding

myth dispelled, the truth put right

your freedom now is founded[1]


by Jenny Macaffer


Rankins Lane is in Melbourne, Australia off Little Bourke Street.

Full Story coming soon.

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Rankines Lane 15
Rankines Lane Sign
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