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You may ask: Why compile a list of dead people including information on what they did, when they married why they died, how many kids they had and all the other information researchers collect about their family trees?

Well I guess that can be answered in many different ways by many different people.

The main reason is that I enjoy research.

Secondly, in the words of Daniel Whiteside: We are living for every person who proceeded us on the Genetic Chain. We have the opportunity to resolve the problems they could not solve, to find the peace they longed for, to heal the wounds they never healed, to have the success which eluded them, to understand what they could not, to create what they could not conceive. Daniel Whiteside.

Learning about your ancestors gives you so much information about YOU. You are them and they are you. Like it or not. How many times I have heard people say “I am turning into my mother”. or “I am turning into my father”. I also often hear “oh you look so much like your Auntie Jane, she used to do that you know”. Now that we have kids, almost daily I hear someone say “He looks just like you” or “He looks just like cousin Kye when he was a baby” and out come all the baby photos.

These observations lead you inevitably to SO WHAT. Well look at the inherited strengths and weaknesses and build them all into positives about what you are doing now in your life and what you want to do in the future. You could be heading to a whole lot more CHOICE in your life. (more)


Other known Variations: Rankin, Rankyne, Ranequin, Rankene, Raincin (Irish), Ranequin, Rankeine, Ranken, Rankene, Rankeso. MacCraing, MacRaing, MacRankein, MacRankin, MacRankine, MacRanking, MacRankyne, Mcrinkin, McRinkine, Raincin, Ramkein, Ranequin, Rankeine, Ranken, Rankene, Rankesoun, Rankin, Rankine, Ranking, Rankinge, Rankins, Rankinson, Rankyn, Rankyne, Rankynson, Renkine, Renkyn, Rinking, Rankan, Rheingan (German).

What does this surname mean? (copied from Genes Reunited website)

This long-established surname is of early medieval English and Scottish origin, and was developed from the medieval male given name "Rankin", a diminutive form of the given name "Rand(e)", with the hypocoristic suffix "-kin". Rand itself is a short form of any of the various (originally) Germanic compound personal names with the first element "rand" (shield) rim, such as Randolf, with the second element "wolf", wolf.

The diminutive form of the name is first recorded in Scotland, where Rankin de Fowlartoun is mentioned in Charters of the Royal Borough of Ayr in 1429. Early examples of the surname include: Reginald Ranekyn (1296, Sussex); Ralph Rankin (1301, Yorkshire); John Randekyn (1381, Suffolk); and in Scotland, John Rankyne, burgess of Glasgow in 1456. The surname has a long history in Scotland; it was found early in Ayrshire, where persons of the name were "small proprietors" before the end of the 16th Century. One John Rankin was vicar of Girwane in 1504, and another John Rankin was vicar of Girwane in 1504, and another John Rankin was a tenant under the bishop of Aberdeen in 1511. The christening of Jon(athan), son of Paull Rankin, was recorded at the Church of St. Nicholas, Aberdeen, on May 12th 1657. The Coat of Arms granted to a Rankin family depicts three red boars' heads couped between three red battleaxes on a silver shield, and in the centre a green quatrefoil. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Gilbert Reynkyn, which was dated 1273, in the "Hundred Rolls of Kent", during the reign of King Edward 1, known as "The Hammer of the Scots", 1272 - 1307. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

Henry Johnstone Rankine

Henry Johnstone Rankine was born in Polmont a few miles from Falkirk in Scotland on the 6th December 1806. He was christened in the Polmont Church, which is now in ruins, on 20 December 1806. He could read and write and was always well dressed.


HJR baptism record photo

His parents were John Rankine and Christian Stewart (or Steuart). I think John was born 2 December 1776. (or 1778) in Muirkirk and Christian Stewart c.1780. I have not been able to find a marriage record for them yet. John and Christian had at least 7 children. (7 June 2010. Note: If anyone can help us get back further into the depths of time regarding John and Christian, any help would be greatly appreciated.)

I think John and Christian purchased property if I can read this document correctly?: (9108) John Rankine in Redding, Seised, March 2 1819, -in 21 falls 30 ells and 6 feet of ground and houses there on the south side of Mary’s Street, NEW MERCHISTON or LAWRIESTON, being part of the lands of LANGTON, par. Falkirk; - on Disposition by David Robertson, ship Carpenter, Lawrieston, Dec 29 1818, - and CHRISTIAN STEWART, his spouse, Seised, eodem die, in life rent of said subjects, propriis manibus of the said John Rankine PR 86.170.  RS59/86.

(propriis manibus, "with his (or her) own hand", sasine, either the symbolic act of giving legal possession of a piece of heritable property, or the instrument by which such an act was proved to have happened. The origin of the term is the same as that for the word 'seize' - meaning to take possession of (in Scottish documents it is generally rendered 'seis'). Hence, for example in an abridgement of sasine, someone who became the owner of a property (by succession, gift, purchase or whatever) is recorded as being 'seised' of that property. eodem die, "on the same day"), (21 falls 30 ells and 6 feet is 698 square meters)

First born I think was:

Catharine-Rankine-Birth-182Catharine Rankine. The record reads: Births and Baptisms 1801. Rankine ~ John Rankine and Christian Stewart village of Muirkirk a daughter born upon the 17th Aug and baptized in the Church upon the 13th September and named Catharine. Catharine married Thomas Snaddon born 12 June 1795. They were married on the 23rd August 1819.

Mary Rankine. Born or christened 22 July 1804 at Muirkirk. Married Peter Monteath on 2nd Feb. 1827 at Falkirk.

Henry Johnstone Rankine. Born 6 December 1806 at Polmont.

Christian Rankine. Born or christened 30 Dec 1809 at Cumbernauld (not far from Falkirk)

Helen Rankine. Born or christened 26 Jan 1812 at New Monkland. Arrived in Sydney, Australia in 1834. On Monday 17 August 1835 she married Henry Currie Dawson a cabinet maker at The Presbyterian Church of Scotland, Elizabeth Street, Sydney. Their witnesses were Anne Elinor Wright, Charles Black and Henry Rankine. It is not known what happens to her after her marriage. I cant find any record of her. If any one knows please let me know.

Marion Rankine. Born or christened 1818 at Polmont.

John Rankine. Christened 3 June 1821 at Polmont. He married Isabel Mitchell 1 Jan 1842 but have to double check this yet.

The next mention of the family I could find in the Scottish records was a Precognition against Peter Monteath, Charles Hendry, Henry Rankine, Christian Rankine, John Rankine for the crime of theft 1828.

After discovering this in the last hour on my last day in Edinburgh 2004 there was little time to run through the driving rain to the place where this record was kept and read it. I skim read most of it. The document was about 20mm thick A4 size obviously written in 1828 and probably never been read since. It was folded in two down the length of the page and tied up in a pink ribbon. The pages were written on both sides and detailed how Mrs Renny’s house at Falkirk was emptied of all her possessions while she was away for a while. It was alleged that her front door key was the same as someone else’s barn door. So in the middle of the night a few people entered the house, smashed through all the locked interior doors and used the bed linen and spare fabric found in the house to cart off all her possessions. Witnesses saw people in the dark walking away with great sacks of belongings on their backs. In September 2009 I managed to get a copy of this record. The document is 450 pages long and cost a small fortune to have copied. If you want a copy please let me know.

Henry Johnstone Rankine states he is an apprentice to a Robe Black Wright living at Laurieston, by Falkirk, Stirlingshire. Christian Rankine, wife of John Rankine, merchant, m.s. steward aged 48 and living at Laurieston. John Rankine age 50 described as merchant.

In Christian’s statement she says she lived in Muirkirk for 22 years then Middberig (cant find on map) 2 years (1807-1809) in Polmont, 2 years in Cumbernauld, 9 years in Redding and 9 years in Laurieston. Polmont, Cumbernauld Redding and Laurieston are all near Falkirk.

All enquiries as to what happened next to various people at the archives came to a dead end. I could not find any other reference to the matter in the Scottish archives….but, in the book

"Notorious Strumpets and Dangerous Girls". Convict women of Van Dieman's Land 1803-1829 by Phillip Tardif. Here is what it said:
SHIP: Lady of the Lake.
Departed WOOLWICH 12/6/1829, arrived 1/11/1829, 142 days.
Police Number 154
Convicted at Edinburgh Court of Judiciery
Conviction date and sentence 15 December 1828 Life
Transported for theft and reset.
Goal Report: Worst description of character, married, five children
Stated this offence: Stealing eleven silver spoons, I never was before a Magistrate in my life. Married, five children. One child with me. My husband was tried with me. We have property to the amount of € 850. Protestant.
Ships Surgeon’s Comments: “This woman has blocks and everything with her to teach children the art of tambouring.”
Native Place: Carnock, Stirlingshire, Scotland.
Trade: Tambour worker; laundress
Literacy: Can read and write
Height: 5 ft 2 in.
Age: 50 (1829)
Complexion: Ruddy, freckled. Head Round. Hair: Light Brown. Visage: round. Forehead: perpendicular. Eyebrows: brown. Eyes: Grey. Nose: Medium length. Chin: Medium length. Remarks: Stout made woman.
1830: 1 May Boyd. Neglect of duty in her service. Cell on bread and water 5 days and places in the 2nd class, House of Correction.
1831: 18 April Morrison. Drunk, disorderly and being insolent in her service. 1 month 2nd class and returned to her service.
1831: 1 July Morrison. Insolence in her service. Returned to the House of Correction for assignment to the interior.
1831: 11 or 13 November Left Hobart Town for Sydney on board the LARKINS.


Henry Johnstone Rankine 100pixHenry Johnstone Rankine at the age of 22 gets a free ride (convict) on the ship LAYTON with his father John Rankine. They were convicted on 15th December 1828 at Edinburgh for life. They daparted on the ship LAYTON 17 June 1829 for New South Wales. Henry is listed as a cabinet maker and dealer with brown hair and hazel eyes. He had a diagonal scar on his left side of mouth and one near the right side of forehead, plus scar on left elbow

He arrives in Sydney where he marries Eliza Bird on the 15th June 1835 at 2nd Scots Church in Elizabeth Street, Sydney. (Presbyterian). The minister was Rev. John McGarvie. Their witnesses were Henry Currie Dawson and Henry Johnstone’s sister Helen Rankine, (who married Henry Currie Dawson the same year in the same church in Sydney).  But firstly they needed permission to marry. Permission was granted on 26 May 1835



HJR perm to marry EBweb
It reads: Henry Rankine, 25, Layton (ship), Life, B=Bond,

Eliza Bird, 17, BUSSORAH MERCHANT, came free, Mr John Walker their master having engaged to keep both in his employ until -something- obtains a ticket of leave


Eliza Bird departed London single and free on the 13 April 1833 and arrived in Sydney on board the ship BUSSORAH MERCHANT on 11 August 1833.

Around 1838 Henry and Eliza move to Melbourne. The first ship into Melbourne with settlers was in 1835. He bought land in Post Office Place at the corner of Elizabeth Street, south west corner. At that time the Yarra was very shallow at the foot of Elizabeth street, and after heavy rains it used to overflow its banks and flood Elizabeth street. This happened very often so Henry sold the corner and went further up Post office place to the rise of the land. You will notice Rankin’s Lane on the map. He built a shop and residence and lived there east of Rankin’s Lane (named after him). He was a furniture and Cabinet Maker, also a Coffin Maker, and if needed would be an assistant undertaker. Later on it was also a secondhand shop and Ironmongers. His wife and family lived there, and the children were educated at St. John’s church of England day school in La Trobe Street.

There was property purchased at the first land sales in Melbourne by a J. Rankin. Was this John Rankine, Henry’s father?

Henry Johnstone Rankine died on the 16th Febuary 1883 at the ripe old age of 76. Henry and Eliza are buried in the Melbourne General Cemetery at Carlton. The reference number is C.O.E. FF 230.
There is no headstone. DEATH notice Henry Johnstone Rankine in The Age 1883 for webHenry J Rankines grave








As for Henry Johnstone Rankines’ wife Eliza Bird, I have not found any records to confirm the following. “her father was said to have accompanied Scott to the Antarctic.”

Eliza was born around 1818 and died 31 Dec 1861 Melbourne at the age of 43. She is buried at the Melbourne General cemetery (COE FF 230) at Carlton. When she died her children were between the ages of 2 and approx 14. Who brought up the children? Did HJR remarry? Did he employ a nanny?

Henry Johnstone Rankine’s Death Notice in The Age 15 Feb 1883 reads: Rankin – On the 14th February, at his residence, 10 Post Office Place west, Henry Rankin, an old colonist of 44 years standing, aged 75 years. Deeply regretted by a large circle of friends. Sydney and Falkirk papers please copy.


Death Cert Henry J Rankine for web

Henry Johnstone Rankine and Eliza Bird had at least 9 children

1. James Henry Rankine. Born 6 November 1836, Sydney; baptised. 18 December 1836, father a carpenter

2. Mary Rankine. Born in Sydney 3 September 1838 and baptised 21 October 1838, father now a cabinetmaker

3. John Rankine who settled in New Zealand.

4. Frederick William Rankine. Born 1857 Melbourne.

5. Eleanor (on birth cert.) Ellin (on death cert.) or Helen (on cemetery record). Born about 1854 Melbourne and died 12 Jan 1867 age 13 in Melbourne Cemetery at Carlton and buried in with Henry and Eliza.

6. George Rankine. Born 1850 Melbourne. George married Ann Toohey and had at least two kids: Winifred Rankine and Alan Stanley Rankine. Alan S. Rankine wrote stories for The Herald, THE AGE, THE WEEKLY TIMES, THE EVENING SUN,THE WEEKLY TIMES-ANNUAL, THE BULLETIN in the 1920’s and 1930’s.

7. Lewellin Rankine. Born 1859 Melbourne.

8. Eliza Rankine. Married Andrew Buchanan.

9. Henry Rankine. Born around 1848 Melbourne. He is recorded as being a cabinet maker, blacksmith and an engineer at Kelly and Lewis in Melbourne. He married Mary-Ellen Toohey on the 20th September 1875 at St. Johns church in Melbourne. St. Johns church is now longer there.


Mary-Ellen Toohey was born 17th March 1850 in Brighton, Victoria. Her parents were James Toohey born 1871 County Cork, Ireland and Jane Sullivan born 1819 County Cork, Ireland.
Group shot with Tooheys centred email

James and Jane Toohey Centred


Henry Rankine and Mary-Ellen had ten children:

1. Jeanie Elizabeth
2. Marion Isabel

1. Jean Elizabeth RankineJeanie Elizabeth born (Eliza Jane) on 30 November 1875 at 8 Faraday Street and died 15 September 1951. She married Archibald Macaffer who died 20 Aug 1918.

Jeanie was a primary school teacher.

Arch played the bag pipes. He was in the Max Rankine dance band, although not holding the bagpipes in the band photo.






Marion Rankine 18972. Marion Isabel born 1877 Carlton. Married Edgar L Jones. She died 16 Aug 1962.






Hubert Horace Rankine

3. Hubert Horace born 1879 Carlton. He married Martha Bernardine Frieberg in 1910. Martha was a dressmaker.

Martha Emily in 1910. (Hubert remarried.)?








Henry Norman Rankine4. Henry Norman born 17 Feb 1881 Carlton. Married Christina Maud Brown. He was a master printer and had patents on colour printing.







5.  Archie Valentine Rankine born and died 1883 at Carlton.


Halred Rankine6.  Halred Carylton born 18 April 1884. Married Olive May Murphy who was born in Ascotvale Victoria. Halred was a Produce Merchant as written on his marriage certificate. At one stage he owned a farm at Broadmeadows. Norma remembers he had two horses called Dolly and Barney. He played in the Max Rankine Dance Band also. He sang, played the drums and the exilophone. He sold up the farm and moved to Seaford to build houses.






Daphne Rankine 19127.  Daphine Grace Muriel born 4 April 1886 at Carlton. Married Walter Francis 2 March 1912.







8. Dulcie Bell Mary born 1888 at Carlton married Ernest Stevenson.


Max Rankine9. Maxwell Vivian Rankine born 8 June 1891 at Carlton. Married Emily McLeod in 1914. Max was an accountant. Max Rankine had his own dance band which was very popular around Melbourne. Max had four daughters: Ccilie, Mavis, Norma and Irma. Norma is still alive and living in Melbourne Australia.
Max Band. 2nd right.c back Angus. bagpipes email
BAND MEMBERS: L-R: Halred Rankine, unknown, unknown, Arch Macaffer, unknown but could be Henry Rankine, Max Rankine, unknown.

. …..this is a work in progress and if any one can add to it please let me know on this email address: aquest at aanet dot com dot au … Tristan Rankine


Tristan Rankine

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